Fiat 555RR, so it is the Fiat 500C, created for the owner of Diesel

the close relationship between The Fiat 500 and the signature Italian fashion Diesel we already know since years ago. Soon after leaving the friendly city Fiat for sale, was released a special edition called the Fiat 500 by Diesel, with a style that’s very recognizable whose colors were a nod to the clothing designed by Diesel. Its success was so high that the 10,000 planned units were sold in a short time, and in 2010 decided to launch the convertible version of the same name. Now, we’ve known a new version related with the signature of Italian fashion, but with a completely different approach.

Renzo Rosso, creator of Diesel, decided to commission their own one-off of the Fiat 500C, by going to the specialist Garage Italia Customs. Although this company is not directly dependent on Fiat, yes that saves a lot of relation with the Italian giants since his creator is Lapo Elkann, grandson of Gianni Agnelli. So, Rosso and Elkann have decided to give free rein to your imagination and create the Fiat 555RR, a unique edition replete with references to the world of fashion and the style of Diesel.

fiat-555-rr-3A simple look at its outer appearance already makes it clear that we are not faced with a 500 power. For the body has been used black paint with touches of bright silver, creating an effect of a more resplendent as they say in Garage Italia Customs, despite the fact that the photos do not do justice. It has added a black vinyl matte full body located in longitudinal position. The most eccentric put the endings in red on the front grille and the wheels and, above all, the front and rear lights surrounded by Swarovski crystals.

fiat-555-rr-7In the interior we find several references to the world of fashion. Thus, the panels of the doors, part of the steering wheel and the soft seat are coated denim. The seats are upholstered in a leather whose origin is the same as that used in the jackets of leather of Diesel. In the headrests are embroidered RR, the initials of Rosso. The detail all the more curious we are in the area of the glove box passenger side, where is situated a zipper as purely ornamental. Finally, the direction of change is painted in the same red color used on the tires.

has Not been reported what motor mounts this drive, but surely little will amount to Renzo Rosso to wander the streets of Breganze, where is located the headquarters of his emporio textile, with its flamente Fiat 555RR.