Fiat achieved with the Panda to manufacture 300,000 units powered by CNG

Fiat Panda Metano Pomigliano

One of the major concerns for the car industry is to deal with the prices and shortages of oil. Why the different brands have invested large amounts of money in transforming their engines of internal combustion that can be used with other fuels that are less polluting. One of the firms that have opted for the Liquefied Gas of Petroleum (LPG) or Natural Gas (CNG) Italian Fiat.

home such it takes years to offering in your cars different alternatives to their traditional mechanical and it seems that it is a hit among customers. In this case, the model that is taking the glory is the small micro urban Panda. The mythical model of the firm is manufactured in versions diesel, gasoline and CNG (Natural Gas) and all of them are manufactured in the Italian plant of Pomigliano d’arco.

Fiat Panda 2017

Of the production lines of the modern factory just leave the unit, with 300,000 in the Fiat Panda Natural Power (commercial name of this engine). This unit employs the engine TwinAir Turbo Natural Power with two cylinders and double fuel system. you Can use petrol or CNG and develops a power of 80 hp. Consumption approved of gasoline stood at 4.5 litres per hundred kilometres and the Natural Gas at 3.1 kilos.

With these data in hand we have the small city of Fiat emits some pollutant emissions and nitrogen oxides understated. The records range from the 106 grams of CO2 per kilometre travelled when using gasoline 85 when using gas. In the face of emissions of CO2 and oxides of nitrogen methane, the reduced 23 percent and 52 percent, respectively.

To end it is to be mentioned that the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is very active in caring for the environment. Thanks to its policy of manufacturing and recycling in the year 2014 gave the Award of Lean Management and Green to Pomigliano d’arco by improving processes and optimize the resources needed to produce their cars.

Source – Fiat

Fiat Panda
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