Fiat Aegea and is the successor of Linea


Fiat-Aegea-3 F inally today the first official pictures of what will be the successor Fiat Linea met. This is the Fiat Aegea, a sedan designed in Italy, which will be manufactured by [1.99901 million] Tofas in Turkey.

This is a product that is based on the [1.99901 million] architecture B-Wide Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the same platform that gives life to Fiat 500X and the Jeep Renegade, among others.

has 4.50 meters long and 510 liters of capacity.

Aesthetically, it comes with [1.99901 million] a gifted front of great personality , but can not hide his inspiration in Viaggio, which is the Fiat version of the Dodge Dart destined for the Chinese market.

Its exterior design is simple, but with good proportions, benefited from being conceived as a sedan and not as an adaptation of an hatchback as with the line.

In the cabin there is no big news compared to other brand products, although presented with some [1.99901 million] harmonious proportions and look quite carefully . Observing in detail are several elements borrowed from other brand products with a wheel of the 500 inherited as well as the multimedia system and the [1.99901 million] automatic climate present in other models.


is a global product that will also be offered in variants hatchback and family.

The screen of the multimedia system takes center stage, located in central position rather high, leaving the central air conditioning outlets located in a slightly lower position. The panel is decorated with silvery elements , while the upholstery fabric is shown right.

Fiat says the Aegea be class leader when it comes to interior space . Keep in mind that this is a product that in principle is designed for emerging markets and will compete against other low-cost sedans like Dacia Logan, Skoda, Citroen C-Elysee and Peugeot 301 , among many others.

Precisely for this reason, the interior is one of the keys that can mean success or failure. The Fiat Aegea has a body of 4.50 meters long, with a width that extends to 1.78 meters and a loading volume of [1.99901 million] 510 liters capacity .

Under the hood will be offered based on two propellers with [1.99901 million] powers between 95 and 120 horsepower , of which have not been specified characteristics, plus two options [1.99901 million] turbodiesel Multijet II . The motors may be involved or you automate manual transmissions, although details were not disclosed.

The same product will give birth to two additional body variants A hatchback five doors and a family. The name ?, strange, although we understand that Aegea, shall be the name for Turkey.

The Fiat Aegea begin marketing in Turkey from next November while next year will reach more than 40 countries EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).



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