Fiat Argo, is the name that will be used for the replacement of the Point for Latin america

Fiat Argo

For many years Fiat has been one of the most sold brands in Brazil and the countries closest to it. However, the fall of sales in the country carioca is causing a headache for regional leaders of the Italian firm. no longer are leaders in absolute market and therefore have to restructure its operations to recover the ground they have lost in the past three years.

The segment in which the greatest weight have, as happens in Europe, is the B and this is why they are diversifying their supply base to improve its products. The current Point Brazilian has become somewhat old-fashioned and thus, in a matter of months will get your substitute. This is already what we know, because we talked about it on several occasions. However, what we didn’t know is that Fiat Brazil is going to bury the name of Point and will provide another naming their city.

Argo is the name you have chosen and according to the marketing department of Fiat Brazil, it seems like most drivers in brazil. Its official presentation will take place next month of may and will hit the market in version 5 doors in the month of June (winter in Brazil). The sedan version, we do not know if it will also be presented with the 5 doors, but its arrival to the market is not expected until the end of the year.

Fiat Punto

The Fiat Argo is a model developed exclusively for the Brazilian market and Latin america, as the makers of the brand decided not to bring the european Type for your higher cost. The platform on which it is developed is unprecedented in Fiat, they have had to adjust the costs of development to the maximum. It is an evolution of that fitted to the Fiat Bull, Jeep Renegade and Compass, so that its reliability is beyond doubt.

On an aesthetic level, the photos circulating on the network, looks a lot like the Fiat Type that we know in Europe. Their external features are personality and elegance in equal parts. This car is very important for the brand, have to replace three cars strike, Fiat Punto, Bravo and the versions equipped with the Palio. Therefore it will have an interior better prepared, a lot more technology and a larger space.

If mechanical there is to talk about, the initial offer will be made by the new blocks FireFly with displacements ranging from 1 (three cylinders) and 1.3 (four-cylinder) in litres. The powers will move between the 72 and 101 hp, and the gearbox will be of type manual or robotized Dualogic 5-speed. In addition, in the future, it could get a sports version endowed with more power and better dynamic qualities.

The production of the hatchback will be held in Brazil and the sedan version will be assembled in Argentina. Fiat is all set to regain lost ground in Brazil and Latin america, what will? When it is official more news.

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Fiat Punto
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