Fiat Chrysler seeks hackers to prevent the threat that was hovering over the car connected

In recent years there has appeared a new profile of professional, increasingly demanded in the automotive industry, the hackers. Decades ago, with the arrival of the computer at the household level, the hackers were so feared as admired by the popular culture, especially for the role they played in the movies or television. Be hacker could only take you to two sites, to trigger a war between two powers weapons (mythical War Games), or to be signed by the security company on duty, in the year of the Panda, Norton, McAfee… ¿But what the hell paints a hacker working for the automobile industry?

The threats that are gathering on the entertainment equipment, each time more connected, increase, and with them the need for teams to identify vulnerabilities and find solutions.

The development of connectivity and infotainment has brought us to a point of no return, in which to isolate our cars the external threat is becoming more and more difficult, and as a result, it is paramount to ensure the resistance to external attack in the car.

The best example we have in the case of the hackers that figured out how to actuate the brakes, the accelerator, or even the direction of a Jeep Cherokee without the need of having physical access to the car, taking advantage of the vulnerabilities found in their systems of connectivity and entertainment. You will be with me in that scare, and much.


  • to The thread of this problem, it was reasonable that the manufacturers devote a greater number of resources in the identification of vulnerabilities and the protection of their computer systems. Beyond prevention, it is necessary to have work teams that manage to exploit the vulnerabilities present in a car, as did the “hackers” Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek with the Cherokee (Automotive News).

    Pursuing this objective, the Fiat Group Chrysler has launched different job offers looking for the profile of a “hacker”, to work in his new team for rapid response to attacks of cyber security, the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT) established in Auburn Hills (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group Careers). We speak of graduates in different degree courses related to information technology, able to identify vulnerabilities, “holes” that allow the access of any attacker, and that they are able to resolve problems as complex as these in a way that does not happen a case such as that of the famous Jeep that was handled by Miller and Valasek.

    Everything is for our safety.

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