Fiat Ducato CNG, natural gas also for the larger van

fiat ducato gnc natural power 2 Fiat Ducato GNC, gas natural también para la furgoneta más grande Fiat is one of the brands most committed to alternative fuels. In its range there are different models of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or GNC (Compressed Natural Gas). Some models even offer with two options, in addition to traditional gasoline and diesel. The division of Fiat Professional commercial vehicles now extends the range of CNG vehicles with the introduction of the Fiat Ducato Natural Power , which begins its marketing imminently.

The new Fiat Ducato CNG so the fourth business model of the Italian brand to offer versions natural gas (Methane) after the Panda and Punto Van and Fiorino and Doblò van. It is also the first engine Euro 6 receiving the Fiat Ducato, which premiered last year restyling. This alternative will be offered in versions van and the passenger.

fiat ducato gnc natural power 1 Fiat Ducato GNC, gas natural también para la furgoneta más grande The differential point of this Fiat Ducato is in your engine. Use a block 3.0 four-cylinder gasoline although of course, suitably adapted to operate on CNG. Delivery 136 horses power and a torque of 350 Nm at 1,500 rpm. Its maximum speed is 159 km / h and consumption is 13.1 m3 / 100 km of methane with CO2 emissions of 234 g / km.

The engine always operates with natural gas, even if exhausted, there is a auxiliary fuel tank 15 liters would give us a range of about 100 kilometers in an emergency. The gas is stored in five cylinders located under the cargo floor, without affecting the volume of the box or the passenger compartment. It is stored at 200 bar and fit a total of 220 liters or 36 kilos, representing a range of 400 kilometers. Deposits are subject to the chassis and pass all security tests without problems.

Fiat Professional GNC Natural Power

Natural Power CNG Models of Fiat Professional

The advantage of using the CNG Natural Power Ducato lies in a much cleaner emissions, compared to a diesel vehicle. It is an advantageous option for certain cities that restrict or economically levied on certain road traffic in its urban area. The economic advantage also present. Given that the kilo of CNG costs € 0.90, make 100 kilometers would cost around 8 euros . This would amount to a Ducato diesel with a consumption of about 6.75 liters, which is impossible.

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