Fiat family, the new body promises as much as the sedan

Fiat Tipo SW

First sketch in the form of a teaser of the Fiat family Type

Already circulates through the network the first teaser to the Fiat family Type, the body-more practice of the new saloon compact Fiat. This second body of the Fiat Type will be presented, probably at the Geneva motor show, and later will come the body five-door hatchback. The first teaser of the Fiat family, which still caller esu designation concrete, leaves clearly see the design cues of the new family Italian, which also will be manufactured in Turkey.

Seems to be that the Fiat family Type will continue to be just as interesting than the saloon model, which was a pleasant surprise to the specialised press. Eduardo Lausin had the opportunity to try it out in the national presentation to prove the point. The new bodywork family Type will offer a greater versatility, with a trunk of larger dimensions and it may be that a longer rear overhang. It also makes a design in the teaser is really sleek and modern, moving away from the sensation of cheap car as well has managed to avoid the Type in spite of their rates.

Prueba Fiat Tipo 1.6 MultiJet 120 CV

Fiat Unveiled

beyond this first teaser, there is more information on the Fiat family Type, although it is hoped that no great variations with respect to the range of the Type of four doors. They are expected to share range of finishes and engines. Currently the sedan is offered with two finishes, a gasoline engine, 1.4 a maximum power of 95 HP and two diesels with 1.3 and 1.6 liters that deliver 95 and 120 horses respectively. Prices start from 9.900€. The family Type will have a price slightly higher than that of the sedan.

Source – Fiat