Fiat Fullback, so is the pick-up will come to Europe in 2016


Fiat Fullback 2016

Fiat do not desist in their efforts to enter the segment pick-up. In the Salon Dubai 2015, Fiat Professional presents the new Fiat Fullback, a pick-up size medium/large that will be available in different cab configurations, supporting in its case a maximum load of up to 1,100 kilograms.

this is Not a completely new model, but that the Fiat Fullback is based on the Mitsubishi L200, which recently received a complete renovation. In fact, both models share a design exterior and interior are practically identical, with the largest difference comes through the logos of Fiat.

The versatility and functionality will be elevated in the Fiat Fullback, offering four configurations cockpit: simple, extended, double cab or chassis cab. Its length will be between 5,155 meters and 5,285 metres, while the cargo box measured between 2,265 meters and 1,520 meters long. In all cases, the height is 1.78 meters, with a width of 1,815 meters and a wheelbase of 3.00 meters.


Inside the Fiat Fullback 2016

Comparing with the Fiat Bull, the other pick-up of Fiat that will be built in Brazil, the differences are obvious, as a result of its design, and that this latter has been developed specifically for South America. The Fiat Fullback will come to Europe with a diesel engine of 2.4 liters in two different versions, with 150 HP or 180 HP, and a change manual of six speeds or automatic five.

engine 2.4 diesel is of origin Mitsubishi, and in fact you’ll also find it in the Mitsubishi L200 2015. In other markets, such as the Middle East and Africa, the Fiat Fullback will have different mechanics-a gasoline 2.5-liter and 132 HP coupled to another 2.5 diesel (in this case, with 110 HP and 178 HP).

The Fiat Fullback will be on sale in Europe and the Middle East starting in may of 2016, with different cabin configurations -depending on the country – and three equipment levels different. In addition, you will be available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and once occurs your launch, you’ll even have your own line of accessories designed by Mopar.