Fiat Mobi, so is the urban economic to the brazilian market

ranges cars that have the developing countries are quite different from those that we see in our country. The customers have different needs, and brands must put their efforts in launching products economic, versatile, and mechanically laconic but with a line up-to-date if they want to sell in these territories.

This is the case of Fiat, that has finally been filed today in the Fiat Mobi, a small urban vehicle that has no need of certain equipment to provide a economical final price but with the capability to connect our smartphone, approaching a younger crowd.


Coming in substitution of the obsolete Fiat Uno Fire, the Italian firm has developed a vehicle aesthetic crossover and with dimensions of just 3,56 meters long, 1,63-length and to 1.49 in height in a bodywork of 5 doors and a weight of just 907 Kg which stands for marked nerves in your wheel arches and hood as well as its front grille of major proportions together with a large couple of optical front and rear, where you have opted for a gate fully glazed to your trunk.

Entering the cabin, we find a vehicle made by trim and parts at cost plastic but it offers a habitability is important despite its size.

And, the standard equipment like the car, is low and modest as we read the list of highlights: bumpers, painted in body colour, split folding rear seats, wheels steel with hubcaps in 13-inch, sun visor with mirror for the passenger, ABS and dual airbags front; somewhere there will be that to reduce costs.


But if something stands out in this model as “pelado” is the number of items that can be included in any of the six versions that are offered (Easy, Easy On, Like, Like On, Way and Way On) and you go from the regulars at our market power window front, power steering, and air conditioning to the most current as well as the piano black in the customization of elements exterior and interior, accessories “off-road” exterior such as wheel arches, bumpers or specific bars on the ceiling and multimedia equipment inside a bracket in the centre console with connection to smartphone and controls of the computer sound in the steering wheel.

Under the hood, a small petrol engine (that can also lead ethanol) 1.0 liters and 75 HP and a gearbox five-speed manual moves the set with a discretísimas figures little more than 150 Km/h of maximum speed, and something more than 14 seconds in the 0-100 Km/h.


it Is obvious that we will not see this model on the old continent, but if it is true that in addition to Brazil, it is more than likely that the Italian firm extend this small vehicle price economic neighboring countries as Argentina, Uruguay or Peru.

as to its price, the firm puts the starting price of this range Fiat Mobi in 31.900 brazilian real (a little more than 8,000 euros at the exchange).