Fiat Qubo 2016: spacious, cheap, functional and original

Fiat QuboFiat returns to the charge in the market of vans size content with this renewal of the Fiat Qubo. The outward appearance remains similar to that of the previous variant, although it now adopts new bumpers and calender front, a new gate post, add two colours to the palette of body colors and new wheel designs in 15 and 16 inches.

Despite the fact that outwardly only measured 3.9 meters in length, you get an interior space worthy to admire. Depending on how we place and abatamos the seats, we can get a cargo space that goes from 330 liters when we have the five seats placed in its usual position up to 2500 litres if we dismantle the back seats, being able to introduce objects of up to no less than 2.5 metres long.

Fiat QuboFiat has revised and re-worked a good part of the design of the interior, endowing it with a printing much more technological and with a slightly better quality. The main screen touch and color has dimensions of 5 inches that, while it may seem like a small surface to what we are used to today, it is more than correct for a vehicle of this type. The audio system account with MP3 player, browser, bluetooth, USB, six speakers and steering wheel controls. In addition, they have renewed the upholstery and the inserts along with the new dashboard, more modern and readable than in previous versions.

If we talk about the mechanics, the new Fiat Qubo is available with three engines, being a petrol and two diesel. , gasoline turns to a engine 1.4 makes 77 hp, while in diesel we can choose between the variants of 80 and 95 cv engine 1.3 Multijet II, to be available the 80 hp with the automatic change of 5 relationships Dualogic.

Fiat Quboon the other hand, is offered with three levels of finish: Easy, Lounge and Trekking. The finish Easy is the most modest of all, but already has systems such as the ABS with EBD, control stability and traction, help system at start on slope or airbags front and side, among others; although it does not incorporate the 5-inch touch screen

For its part, the Fiat Qubo Lounge account with the central screen 5-inch touch and all the accessories mentioned above, bringing also standard climate control, fog lights, and power outside mirrors heated and in body colour.

The most full and striking of the three is the Trekking. In addition to the finish Lounge, a few bars of roof, alloy wheels with eye-catching design and tires M+S, guards at the low of the body, the crystals dimmed and, in the interior, armrest-front. Stands out above all the system Traction+, that help to gain traction to the wheel with more grip on slippery surfaces, allowing us to leave more of a hurry in case of snow or if we need to leave the asphalt from time to time.

Fiat QuboYour starting price, with promotions and financing with FCA Capital, is 9.130 euros.

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