Fiat sold in Italy, several of their models through Amazon

Fiat 500S 2016 vista frontalthree months Ago I we reported the giant of on-line sales, Amazon, got a full on race car for sale through its platform. The initial idea is not to sell cars as such, but to advise clients that before taking the decision have the best possible information on which model to choose. In addition, this initiative has not only carried out in the united States, as that Seat and his Mii by Mango also has gone through its platform in France.

Because, if Amazón gets in the united States, and Seat has been sold during a short period of time your Mii by Mango in France the following brand of cars that embarks on this adventure to do so in your country is Fiat. The Italian brand has informed that has decided to put on sale in Italy during a time limited to 500, 500L and Panda.

Fiat Panda 2017Gianluca Italia, one of the leaders of the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) and the Italian market reported that Amazon opened a window to a new horizon at the time of choosing a car of your brand. in Addition, he added that together with them to innovate and create a system of sale more clear and transparent to clients in that they have the necessary information that the brand provide to Amazon.

For that customers who wish to purchase your Fiat on the platform of Amazon Italy, the signature displayed on the website, a tab technique complete so that they can know the features of their cars to perfection. In addition, as an incentive to the sale, Fiat will be able to apply up to a 33 per cent discount to cars that are sold in the platform, and may have a lower rate than at the official dealer of the brand.

once the customer has decided which model of Fiat to acquire can choose on the platform of Amazon between the different options and services that the brand offers for each model and once you set it up and confirmed the purchase the customer you’ll be able to pick up the car at an official dealer of the brand in a period of 15 days after the acquisition.

it Is a shame that this commercial activity has not been carried out in Spain as the brand would wear the boots to sell cars. Fiat has not been informed of the time that will be in force this promotion in Italy but if he has warned that it will not be forever.

Source – Fiat – Amazon

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