Fiat Talent, the new van, which replaces the Fiat Scudo

Fiat TalentoWith a photo and very few details, so we present the Italian new Fiat Talent. It is a new van called at replace the Fiat Scudo. For this new generation, Fiat has changed sides, leaving one side to PSA and Toyota with their new vans and allying with Renault-Nissan and Opel. As we can see, the new Fiat Talent is nothing more than a version enhanced of the Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro.

The Fiat Talent will be located in the range between the Folded and Ducato. May be made orders from the month of may for versions van, mixed, passenger and chassis cab. At the moment there are few details that we know about the range of the Fiat Talent, although the brand has confirmed that it will use diesel engines a turbo and biturbo up to 145 CV, that is to say, you will use the same mechanics of Renault, as in the previous Scudo used engines PSA.


Renault Trafic

In the absence of knowing the specific details, it is expected that the range is identical or at least very similar to the Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro. So, we would find engine 1.6 diesel 95 and 115 HP versions of a turbo and 125 and 145 HP in variants biturbo. versions, the panel van would have in addition the possibility to choose between two heights, and two battles interchangeably, while in the mixed versions and passengers would have only two battles to choose from, with lengths total of 5 and 5.4 metres respectively.

Source – Fiat

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Renault Trafic

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