Fiat Toro: the “van” Fiat teaches us his butt

From the brazilian division of Fiat comes to us a new snapshot of the pick-up of the Italian brand, the rear of a new Fiat Bull. It will be in Brazil and will be destined for the south american market, at least for now.

what Will be the mix of pick-up and SUV the next segment of fashion?

After seeing their front-this new image reveals a behind where they emphasize their optical modern cut and the handle to open your gate, for apparent large dimensions and in which it integrates the logo of the brand.

Your marketing is scheduled for next year. We will still have to wait for knowing more specifications of this model which will offer a range of alternatives diesel and gasoline, all-wheel drive and 4X2 and options for both manual and automatic. In fact, the new image reveals the logo for the animated version by the automatic gearbox 9-speed.

¿it Would fit in Europe?
The segment of the “trucks” on this side of the Atlantic does not enjoy the same support in America, but it seems that Hyundai wants to do that what we see with other eyes mixing up the concept SUV with a pick-up, as we saw with the conceptual model Hyundai Santa Cruz Crossover Truck. Perhaps there is a gap for such a model here… beyond its commercial vocation.

Mercedes will have a pick-up, Nissan has revamped the Nissan Navara… Fiat, will we see the Bull in Europe?