Fiat Type 2016, tested: the compact that I wanted to be a Volkswagen Golf

All aspire to that their compact is a Volkswagen Golf. And do not, it is precisely because the Volkswagen Golf is the best compact the best model in its category, in all aspects, because I sincerely do not believe it to be. We all aspire to that their compact is a Volkswagen Golf for the ability of the model of Volkswagen to offer what is, having taken a great license in journalism, I would dub as satisfaction mainstream. That quality to meet, in almost all aspects, a significant majority of buyers who opt for a compact. The client feels satisfaction knowing that you have invested your money in a vehicle that meets their expectations. And the investment which means a car is not negligible. But still feel more satisfaction when you know that you have managed to fill all of your expectations, maximize that satisfaction, with the lowest investment possible, and that is working, and a lot of, Fiat. And that is the league in which you want to play the new Fiat Type. And one of the conclusions we have reached after this small test of the Fiat Type in which we have finally been able to try the new compact Italian, for a few kilometres, along highways turinesas.

The Fiat Type does not want to be a Volkswagen Golf, but neither is a low cost

The client feels satisfaction when you buy the best product, but even more to make a smart purchase, buy a product that covers your expectations at the lowest possible price.

When we talk about low-cost it is likely that you are thinking in cheap flights, go through the box because your bag exceeds a few centimetres of the regulatory measures of the cabin baggage, advertising every 20 minutes that will not let you sleep, not being able to choose your seat, etc., etc. Somehow, low-cost can be associated to some extent with what crappy. Something that, frankly, we do not believe that is applicable to this car.

Imagine a better example. The hotel with a careful room service, a good suite executive well-equipped kitchen and a whirlpool tub. It is understandable that in your travels you can find that concept of accommodation, although you should be willing to pay the cost. But it is also understandable that if your expectations are solely and exclusively those of undisturbed sleep, in a nice atmosphere, and smoothly, at an acceptable price, you can decantarte by solutions as a Bed & Breakfast. Solutions to meet your expectations at a cost that is significantly lower. That is precisely the goal of the Fiat Type, to become the Bed & Breakfast of the compact.


Is a car without too much frills, but able to cover the expectations of the bulk of the customers.

The most important quality for the creators of the Fiat Type, and its greatest challenge, is to offer a product of acceptable quality that meets the expectations of its customers, and to obtain economic, without looking cheap. And believe me, Fiat has achieved it.

The Fiat Type is a car without too many frills. By beholding you become aware of being that its design is quite simple, though not necessarily ugly, if I may make the judgement highly subjective. You have a car with a rounded design, and sturdy, with a front grille generous that extends to the headlights. And with a design handy which has allowed Fiat to create a new family of products, that will be a Fiat Type 4-door, a Fiat family Type of 5-door and long wheelbase, and a Fiat compact, 5-door, and the one that occupies to us, that would come to be placed in the segment occupied by products such as the aforementioned Volkswagen Golf, the SEAT Leon, Renault Megane, Opel Astra and the Ford Focus.

Fiat acknowledges that he wanted a simple alternative, covering the needs of that client may aspire to acquire any compact, like the Golf, but that can also be satisfied with a Fiat Type that covers your expectations with an economic investment reduced. And that is if there is anything you would like to more to a buyer than knowing that you have invested your money in a quality product, is to know that your financial investment has been minimal. Notice that as customers we hypothesized that both of you have purchased quality products, as you have purchased products at a very competitive price. And that is also one of the reasons why the famous promotions that we see in advertising, until stocks last, or until the end of the month, you have so much success. To convince us that we are making a smart purchase.


the simplicity of The Fiat Type extends to its range. I already said that there are three possible alternatives of the automobile. There are also three possible alternatives of fuel, you can take it diesel, gasoline, or version bifuel LPG, an option this last one still did not start in Spain, but that has a lot of success in some european countries.

The Fiat Type is available with a diesel engine 1.3 Multijet of 95 HP access, and a 1.6 Multijet 120 BHP of power, available with manual shift mode (and optionally with a version of ECHO), or with automatic, dual clutch, the DCT from Fiat. The thread of the diesel of 120 HP, and even recognizing the limitations of a first contact with a few kilometers, and out of our usual treks, we have to say that it seems to us a suitable option for the look for a diesel with a power more than acceptable. We may ask you to be more quiet, because it is an engine with a sound that was far above what lately we can find ourselves in any diesel, even though the sound insulation of the car is more than correct, and we praise him for it, because that aspect is usually one of the most commonly neglected when the aim is to provide a car to be very economical.

to The thread of this aspect, the acoustic isolation, we should mention that it is one of the points in which Fiat has worked more on the Fiat Type 5-door. In fact the difference with the isolates of the Fiat Type 4 doors, that somehow seeks to be the middle rung of quality below, it is remarkable.


But, in terms of his push, has left us more than satisfied, and is smooth and progressive, qualities that should stand out in a diesel. On the highway, at 120 km/h marker, don’t wriggle too much to get off of 5 litres/100 kilometres. And in routes mixed it is normal that we are, in that order, the of the 5,X litres/100 kilometres.

In any case, if our needs do not require a powerful engine, we should not rule out the diesel 95 HP, nor the alternatives of gasoline. You can take it with a engine 1.4 maximum power of 95 HP, or a 1.4 T-Jet turbo 120 BHP of power. This last can be configured optionally in the version already mentioned LPG, or with an automatic change of torque converter.

The Fiat Type, even, it is nice to drive. Enjoys suspensions firm and a touch that is acceptable by the management, which could convey more, but that at least provides confidence in dealing with a curve closed a tad fast. When you open the throttle, with the steering wheel slightly rotated, can be transmitted part of that pair with something of a return in the direction, but don’t get to be an atrocity, or nothing that we bother the trips that normally we’d make with this car.


Before finishing, you should still highlight two important aspects. The first, that this Fiat Type 5-door is placed amongst the best in its category, in terms of space. We have a spacious luggage compartment and accessible, with the ability to 440 litres of cargo, that in the case of the Station Wagon increased to 550 litres. But we also have a compact with a rear seat spacious and comfortable, with enough space for the legs.

The second aspect to be found in the technological side. The system UConnect 7 – ” transformed, completely, the feeling of quality of your cabin. It is a system of entertainment, navigation and connectivity with touch screen, easy to operate and intuitive, with a very pleasant interface, and with a degree of connectivity acceptable that will increase over time. This system, taking advantage of the Bluetooth connection to our mobile, and cable, it allows us to synchronize applications, such as Deezer, TuneIn, Facebook, Twitter, thread Reuters news, or the traffic service of TomTom Live.

fiat-tipo-5puertas-2016-prueba-interior-03In the absence of a price list more detailed, that soon we will offer, the Fiat Type 5-door starts from 10.990€, thousand more than the Fiat Type 4-door, which offers a line of equipment access to the more basic and boots from to 9990€. The Fiat Type Station Wagon starts at 11.990€. Always talking price with Plan PIVE, supply and financing.

you Can take it with a finishing Easy, the most basic, which is already serial includes air conditioning, UConnect system with 5” display, power windows rear electric, alloy wheels 16”, day lighting, Bluetooth and 6 airbags.

above, you can still equip it with the line Lounge that includes UConnect, 7”, cruise control, alloy wheels 17”, fog lamps, automatic climate control system and sensor of light and rain.


I will Not go very far, because in the next few days I will keep talking about this car, the Fiat Type.