Fiat Type: good compact and a smart buy from 10.990€

Just got back from Turin the home of Fiat. Sleeping in the building in Lingotto, in the old times they made their cars, and know in Mirafiori to one of the most important products of the brand for the coming years, the Fiat Type. And why is it so important? Simply, because for the first time in a long time Fiat has presented a strong proposal, and with regard, in one of the most important segments in Europe. Now let’s talk about prices of the Fiat Type, and later from the rest, but you can go ahead from 10.990€ we are faced with a product that while it is economic, avoids the low-cost, and that although mostarará lights and shadows to compare it with other compact on the market, want to stand out as the smart purchase of your category. What will it be?

The Fiat Type does not aspire to become yet another compact that threatens to shake the foundations of the Volkswagen Golf. This is not your war. In a presentation of luxury, Fiat underlined the values of the generation of Airbnb, the customer that wants to see satisfied their needs, but they definitely don’t want to pay a lot more for a product or service that you do not need. That is to say, a hotel will meet your expectations when you travel, but if you don’t need many of the services that you will offer the hotel, why not save a fortune by going to a service of type bed and breakfast?

that is what I intend to get the Fiat Type. Meet the needs of its customers, offering them everything they need, with quality, but above all intelligence.


Spain has already reached a Fiat Type 4-door, with bodywork sedan, which starts at to 9990€. But that was just the beginning.

on The 18th of June will arrive to dealers the new Fiat Type 5 door and bodywork family. For the moment there are few details that we know about their range and prices, beyond the first, the Fiat 5-door, will boot from the 10.990€.

For 10.990€, may be acquired for a Fiat Type of 5-door and petrol engine 1.4 95 CV. Will be equipped with air conditioning, Uconnect Radio, Bluetooth, and 6 airbags. The problem, for the moment, is that price include promotions of Plan PIVE and funding, and we do not know the ins and outs of your financing plan, you need to subscribe with the financial FCA (we do not know in how many installments, or the minimum to fund).


for those looking For a diesel, there will also be for 13.990€ a Fiat Type 5-door with engine 1.3 Multijet of 95 HP, which is also equipped with series air conditioning, Uconnect Radio, Bluetooth, and 6 airbags. That price also includes Plan PIVE and funding with FCA.

The car is more similar, in all respects, that we have found on the market is without a doubt the Nissan Pulsar. And to give you an idea, it is currently available as a Nissan Pulsar Visia 1.2 DIG-T 115 CV for 12.900€, with the Plan PIVE and funding with RCI Banque (minimum stay 24-month, entry, minimum 0%, maximum input 40%).

With which, you will not be the slightest doubt, we are before one of the compact most competitive in the market. In any case, in the next few days I will keep talking about this Fiat TYPE, which without doubt will give much to talk about soon.

Source: Fiat