Fiat updates 500 us before you submit your substitute

A priori it seemed that the Fiat 500 would not be able to put a dent in the hard heart of the american consumers. However, little by little, been shown to equal that achieved success in Europe, could do the same in North America and therefore, has earned the respect of the public. For this reason, the Group FCA has decided to update its smallest model, to keep it fresh until it reaches its generational.

On an aesthetic level, the changes that have been applied by designers of Fiat for the 500 american are very subtle. The main areas that have evolved are the optical group front, bumper and headlights anti fog. Complete these changes a few mouthguards for the new design rearview mirrors, a palette of colors to dress the body with new colors and a logo “Turbo” which is positioned in the behind.

In the interior the changes that suffers the renovated Fiat 500 are also subtle, because the penalties are modified the upholstery and keeps the infotainment system UConnect with 5-inch touch screen. The main novelty is the inclusion of a camera to support the parking. The rest of the elements that make up the interior of the 500 is kept the same, showing the point to be noted is the possibility that the scorecard in a digital and configurable.

At the technical level, it is where is the highest evolution that suffers the Fiat 500 destined for the u.s. market. It has to do with the inclusion in the engine bay of the engine four-cylinder with turbo 1.4 MultiAir Turbo that instead of offering the current 105 CV goes to deliver 135 HP and 203 Nm of maximum torque. This block is attached to a gearbox of cut 5-speed manual or an automatic 6-relationships.

Other developments at the technical level are in the addition of a team of brakes with better performance, a suspension tuning more sports and finally, some alloy wheels of new design and 16 inches in diameter. On the whole, the heads of Fiat are hoping that the 500 will keep fresh until the next generation hits the market.

In any way, for those customers that want more power, you can always choose to purchase the version Abarth, since it mounts the same block gasoline 1.4 MultiAir Turbo, but instead of delivering 140 BHP of power, makes 160 HP.

Source – Fiat

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