Fiat will adjust the price of its cars in the united States

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Since the Fiat Group SpA was done with Chrysler LLC and will become Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) things have changed a lot for the signature of Torino. Until that time, Fiat had to abandon the american market to the bad reputation they had acquired their models among the customers. However, with the support of Chrysler and its distribution network returned to the fray.

The first model that came to the united States was the 500 and it was a lot better in sales than the Mini of BMW. However the prices of the still small range Fiat are a bit bulky for what they should be. Therefore the firm has confirmed that it will create a new structure of prices for models that are sold in the united States as well as a simplification of the trim levels and personalization possibilities of these.

Fiat 124 Spider

The new pricing structure was communicated at the beginning of this year to the network of dealers Fiat Chrylser Cars have in the united States by Tim Kuniskis, head of the trademarks of FCA in north america. This measure were crying out to the distributors as the brand began to have problems with their sales because of the high price of their models and the little differentiation that was with larger models and equipped in the competition.

This new pricing structure will allow Fiat to cheapen in the united States the price of the 500 most economic in something more than 5,200 dollars by making its starting price is below the $ 15,000. To this must be added the shipping costs and the costs for obtaining the documentation of the vehicle, although it will probably also be assumed by the brand.

By means of this repositioning want the range of models and prices to be more consistent than he had up to now as the Fiat 500 CC was for the price very similar to the 124 Spider and both vehicles may not be military in the same price category be cars and different segments.

we Hope that this new move will go well and be able to recover the path of growth in the united States.

Source – Fiat

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