Fiat will have Chuck Norris as the leader of his range Professional

when speaking of toughness, courage and security, we may many people coming to mind, but surely none of the combines as well as american actor Chuck Norris. During the many years that it takes his career as an actor, Norris has always represented strong characters, and brave. These clichés have served to Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) is set on the actor for that to represent its range of commercial vehicles.

According to the official press release that has been distributed Fiat Professional, Chuck Norris represents the main values who want to be associated with the industrial vehicles of the brand: determination, dynamism, competence, customer proximity and reliability. In addition, according to their customers, Chuck Norris is the best representative that you can have these vehicles, because the self-employed and professional clients feel like they ” own ” many of these values.

The way that Chuck Norris come to our homes to show us your commitment with Fiat Professional will be, mainly, by television. Its mission is to represent the Fiat Qubo, Bent and Folded Panorama, Ducato, Talent and pick up Fullback. The commercial will arrive to our screens, and the whole of Europe, throughout this month, so that at any time we will be able to see them.

On the theme dealing with these ads we still don’t know anything, the only image that we have of the representation of Chuck Norris with Fiat is the one that opens this news. Imagine that will be ads that will be combined (with more or less grace and success) the qualities that define the american actor with the defining models of Fiat Professional.

Will have to see if it gives good result and Fiat Professional achieved to earn the favor of the public, but demanding that there is, the self-employed and companies. Since then, this strategy of employing as an ambassador to a kind of a hard character already used Volvo with the also actor Jean Claude Van Damme and the truth is that it helped to improve the sales of their trucks.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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