Fiat: you have been gone from the hands. But that we love. The Fiat 500e is dressed in Stormtrooper

How can you disguise a car Soldier, Imperial Stormtrooper? Since Lucasfilm recently closed an agreement with the Fiat group Chrysler for the promotion campaign of the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in Fiat were very clear that it would have profited to the maximum, which would be a preparation very special, at least call him a lot of attention. And apparently they’ve succeeded. What you see is a Fiat 500e disguised as a Stormtrooper, so really scandalous, but fun.

This Stormtrooper on four wheels will be on display in the presentation event and premiere of the new Star Wars movie.

The decoration, of course, in black-and-white, in the image and likeness of the armor used by Stormtroopers. Using vinyl and paint, they would have taken the opportunity to make the windshield and the line glazed side it looks like the helmet of these soldiers of the Star Wars saga. Nor would the emblem of the Stormtrooper, in replacement of the logo of Fiat, and even some chulísimas wheels, with Pirelli tires with the sidewall blank.

The creation has been the work of the preparers of Garage Italia Customs.


On board, this Stormtrooper on four wheels it also has a decoration very special, upholstery, leather and Alcantara in black-and-white, and the grounds of Star Wars on the dashboard and the steering wheel.

This Fiat 500e will be showcased at the premieres of Star Wars in the united States
. It also turns out, the less curious, which Fiat has chosen a Fiat 500e electric to represent “the dark side”. Especially in a time that, thanks to the scandal of the TDI of Volkswagen, and the famous action that launched Greenpeace a few years ago, his image seemed to have been associated to the emission of pollutant gases.

Source: Fiat
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