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Seat Ibiza 2017 filtrado

Yesterday we saw a couple of video teasers published by the Spanish brand in reference to the Seat Ibiza, its history and the presentation that will take place today at 19:00 in the city of Barcelona. Seat had kept very secret the images of the fifth generation of its new small car, having not seen any let us understand your design. Until yesterday.

On the eve of the great event of Seat, the filtration published by CocheSpias, that he caught the images of the French magazine Auto-Moto, reveals to us all the exterior design, and a good part of the interior of the new Seat Ibiza as a fifth-generation, even though we know without knowing the range of mechanics, dimensions and other specific data. Information, on the other hand, we will have in just hours.

As we can see, especially in the three-quarters front, the new Seat Ibiza saves many (perhaps too many) similarities with his older brother, the Seat Leon. As we mentioned yesterday the leap in design was going to be remarkable, and it is that the current generation has been many years in our dealerships, but we couldn’t imagine that it could be virtually a scale copy of the Lion. It is true that there are differences (bumpers, forms of the headlamps, antinieblas…) but the main lines are very similar.

Is in the rear where we will not find so many things in common with his brother of the segment C. Although the shapes of the rear are very straight, pilots of lights invite us to think more about the Seat Ibiza current that in the Seat Leon. He makes that diffuser black with twin exhaust exit in a rectangular shape as well as the tires of large dimensions of this unit with finish FR.

More changes expected in the interior. Despite the fact that only we have, until now, of a image of the interior, we see that the “recipe” is virtually identical to here within. The Seat Ibiza evolves their systems connectivity and infotainment (it is virtually certain that you have FullLink with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and also introduces a screen of higher dimensions; but the design of the passenger compartment remains very similar to its predecessor.

The magazine that has given rise to the filtration states that only can be purchased with bodywork of five doors. We will wait a few hours to get to know each and every one of the details, as well as engines, equipment and some higher quality images of this fifth generation of the subcompact Spanish.

Source – CocheSpias

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