Filtered the range Volkswagen Golf 2017 hours prior to your arrival


a Few changes and subtle in the new Golf 2017.

Although Volkswagen we are located to the morning of Thursday, November 10 to unveil the new Golf 2017 facelift, today we have seen a new leak of pictures of the model. Appeared on the network without a source particular, this new series of images shows all color washing face of the compact German.

even Though your origin is uncertain, these images coincide with the leaks earlier of the mild redesign that will suffer the Golf of face-to-2017. So we think that we are actually faced with the new face of the popular model of Volkswagen.

In this new series of images we can see several variants of the automobile model. From the versions GTE and GTI, this last in the format of a 3-door, up to the variant family and the body five-door hatchback. Although the images are very small and of poor quality, , can clearly be seen with small modifications at the exterior of the new Golf.


In the rear unless changes.

These changes are more patents in the area of the bumper, where we find a new reading of these elements, which even appear clearly differentiated according to versions in these new photos filtered.

bumper versions regular now have two extensions of the same color of the body with the shape of a boomerang, which seem to imply a few mouths of side air. Although they do not become close and form a molding superimposed on the black grid, which occupies almost the entirety of the bumper. In that area we found a set of auxiliary lights, which could be the daytime running lights.

Some images appear a bit deformed, which induces to think that could be treated merely renders. So until tomorrow we will not be able to know for sure.


The variant family is identical to the filtered previously.

What we can say is that this facelift or refresh of a half-cycle of life will come hand in hand with developments in the area of equipment. The new Volkswagen Golf 2017 will have a optical slightly redesigned now will have LED headlights. In the cabin we go to meet large changes in the level of infotainment and connectivity.

on the one hand, Volkswagen will premiere a a touch screen of greater size, whose management could be through gestural control. And on the other, the Golf 2017 also premiered a new instrument panel is completely digital, similar to that already used its big brother, the Passat, very similar to the Virtual Cockpit Audi.

By what we see in the leaked images of the passenger compartment, the presence of the new display is evident, although the overall design of the dashboard has not been modified severely with respect to the previous model.


The optical change of design, but not in forms.

the presentation of The new Golf in 2017 will be tomorrow 10 November at 12:30, central european time. As always, we will keep you promptly informed.