Filtering: It confirms the arrival of the new V8 LT5 for the Corvette


Photo spy of the new Corvette C8.

just a few hours has leaked a document from General Motors which reveals, confirming the rumors prior to the arrival of a new block V8 to the future Corvette range. As I noted, you will receive the denomination LT5 and per your specifications, we can assume that there will be a completely new engine.

The main feature is that unlike the blocks of the push-rod traditional Corvette, in fact its more a sign of identity, the new LT5 will be double camshaft in head. A distribution which is common nowadays in almost all the segments, but that in the case of the sporty Chevrolet has only appeared a single time in its entire history, the block used by the C4 ZR1 from the nineties.

That engine had been developed by Lotus for GM and was manufactured by Mercury Marine, with the aim of creating a version of the C4 Corvette that could do in front of the european sporting, namely Ferrari and Porsche. The nickname of this version was “The King of the Hill”.


Corvette Z06 current.

In this case, the documentation filtered shows the addition of a new eight-cylinder motor that for the time being will be exclusive to the Corvette, and not shared with any other model or brand, is made of aluminum which has 6.2 liters, double overhead camshaft (DOHC) and variable timing system VVT.

The block is atmospheric, so that immediately arises the doubt as to which version might encourage. In the current range we can find the LT1 atmospheric cheering to the standard versions of the Corvette and LT4 supercharged the Z06 current, with 650 HP. These are reflected in the documentation, it seems that the new LT5 will not substitute for any of these.

In just a few days we should know the future Corvette ZR1, which will be
presented at the Detroit motor show, however, for this version
we had hoped to have a motor that exceeds the power of the current Z06, so that a new block maximum power does not seem to the candidate
ideal for reaching the more than 700 horses are expected from this.
This new block atmospheric seems destined to occupy the engine bay of
new versions
, maybe in the C7 Stingray, or more probably of the
new C8.