Filtering the facelift Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, now with 395 horses


The first image of aesthetic renewal Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG leaked online. No official information, they ensure that in its most powerful version, and l 2.0 liter 395 hp could yield .


Mercedes-AMG-A45 H ace a few weeks was the [1.99902 million] restyling of Class A which it was filtered through internet now it was the turn of the more radical AMG . This is a photograph taken from a print publication, which lets us see the renewed A45 AMG in some detail.

After facelift, get 395 hp.

The front will come with a new bumper, with air intakes have been redesigned and a number of very minor changes that do not affect the aesthetics decisively.

However the biggest changes will be related to what is not seen, since in its renewed version, the A45 AMG will hit the market with greater power .

Mercedes had promised to fight Audi RS3 engine while preparing for the possible arrival of BMW M2 market, with changes turbo block 4-cylinder and 2.0-liter engine that gives life to the smallest of the AMG. The performance data are still uncertain, although the people of GTSpirit ensures that the car will get about 376 hp, while claiming to be a variant A45 S to be offered anything less than 395 horsepower .

At the same time, possibly the model adopts a similar to the rest of the range brand name, ie be renamed Mercedes-AMG A45 and A45 S. is expected to have its world premiere place within the next Frankfurt Motor Show .





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