Filtering the interior of the Mercedes E-Class 2016, will leave you without words


it will leave You without words the interior of the new Mercedes E Class

Awesome, huge, tremendous, many adjectives can be adjusted to the inside the Mercedes E Class 2016. The saloon and intermediate of the German mark not only grow in size, but in grandeur. For the first time, and thanks to some leaks, we see his new cabin, a space that can rival any saloon in the superior category.

recently, just a few days, I we set out how I was going to be all part of the dashboard of the new Class E. Its two main screens, of a size more than considerable, they seem to be taken from a Mercedes S-Class, but the truth is that these are larger, and surrounded by a few LED, which can change their tone.

Although everything seems to indicate that will form part of the optional equipment, as we see another image with a box analog and a central screen more small. Something that does not happen in the Class S. In fact, the Mercedes S-Class 2016 will take to borrow a large amount of elements of its little brother, including the screen, and a large part of the technology that we see in the images

beyond that we see a dashboard that curved, perfectly integrated in the structure of the car. A central console pretty clean and simple, despite the fact that it hides a lot of details and elements such as the air conditioning and the control of the system COMMAND with the touch panel, the same that we see in other models of the brand as the Mercedes AMG GT. All of it surrounded by that atmosphere of quality that seems to transcend the screen.

To the left of the steering wheel, which unlike the S-Class has three radios instead of two, perhaps the most differentiating between one and another, inserted in the fascia panel, which will feature a variety of materials, you will find the various buttons of the technologies driving assistance, as the warning of the lane change or the cameras.

And it is here where we find the true evolutionary leap from the current generation E-Class, with the looming. A lot of technology will be included, beyond what we could imagine, and that you talked about above. A necessary change given that the rivals will respond in the same way, as expected in BMW Series 5 2016.


The screen is of a size more considerable

Little by little we have been getting to know the Mercedes E-Class 2016. The range will be completely renewed the next year. First will come the sedan and the E Class Estate in 2016, and beyond, almost to the end, it is scheduled the arrival of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe, which we’ve seen today for the first time.