Filtering the new Renault Megane


The fourth generation Renault Megane leaked online before du official debut scheduled for Frankfurt Motor Show in a few days. His style looks very influenced by Talisman.


Renault-Megane-2016-1 L a new generation Renault Megane will be one of the news that the French brand has prepared to show in the next Motor Show in Frankfurt that will take place in a few days.

By now the secrecy was maintained about how it will look, but apparently the Italians of Carpassion have decided to skip the embargo and have leaked a lot of official images to Internet.

Official images allow us know in detail the final design of the fourth generation Renault Megane .


The new Renault Megane has nothing to hide.

It is noted that the front sector is heavily inspired by the Talisman, it has headlights with LED headlights and daytime running lights in the form of a letter C, with the emblem of the rhombus large dominating the center of the grill. Highlights its LED lights and discreet spoiler on the basis of the gate in the rear sector.

His body shines with muscular lines , that provide a fairly sporty look, which is also favored by the much shorter overhangs regarding which model will replace.

Renault-Megane-2016-3 In the case of finish GT sportsmanship is accentuated even more thanks to the dual exhaust with chrome trim, alloy wheels and specific format more aggressive front bumper .

With respect to the carrier, the big screen infotainment system stands out, in keeping with what has been seen in the new Talisman. It also has leather upholstery, automatic climate control, fully digital instrument panel and automatic transmission equipped with paddles behind the wheel.

Mechanically it is expected that the new Megane win new engines although they have not yet provided official data. To know more we will have to wait for his debut in the German classroom, if this leak does not oblige Renault to provide more official data.




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