Filtering: this is the BMW M5 2018

The presentation of the new generation of the BMW M5, is just around the corner, in fact, will be tomorrow, Monday, 21. But already have leaked the first official images of the model, that seems spectacular.


Photos leaked of the BMW M5 2018

As you might expect, BMW Motorsport has applied his characteristic style that we see in the models most radical of BMW. Generous air intakes under the light clusters, front, axles widened, mirrors, dual arm – like equipping your little brother – and a quad-exit exhaust, part of a discreet spoiler on the tailgate.

The new M5 will do the 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds

most of these attributes the many suspected from the photos spies, although much of the interior was still an unknown. By what you see in the photos, the front seats are very elaborate, two-tone in these images and with the flagship BMW M5 embedded in the backrest.

The seat belts also seem to sport the colors of BMW M by way of embroidery, although there are other elements of the interior that if we have surprised


I am referring to the post of command and all elements of the dashboard. The new BMW 5-Series has taken a big leap in quality of interior and with the M5, the brand has tried to highlight the differences a bit more with some unique elements.

the sound of The engine we will be able to regulate it through a button

The three-spoke steering wheel houses a keypad, unpublished to date, as well as a few specific buttons in orange color, which correspond to the modes M1 and M2. One buttons that provide direct access to change the behavior of the vehicle with just pressed, some of the parameters that can be customized are, the hardness of the steering, suspension and the speed with which the gearbox makes the transitions between gears.


BMW M5: new steering wheel and shifter

we Also know that the system of traction to the four wheels that equips the M5 is configurable, but for the moment we do not know if these shortcut buttons also make changes in this system, since it completely changes the behavior of the vehicle. More information about the drive system and M xDrive.

Another detail of the interior that can be seen in these leaked images are the new shift lever, with orange details, with a design that is more elaborate than the current one. At the moment we cannot forward data services, since that is still the technical data have not come to light, but very soon we will be able to disclose that information, stay tuned, it could make the 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds.