Filtering! With you, a deposit of “Audi Q6” electric SUV Tesla Motors will attack


still have a month and a half to open its doors in Frankfurt, and surprises prepared for this event are now uncovering. What you see in these images should be presented in Frankfurt as an advance, still in prototype stage, of Audi Q6 will see in dealerships in 2018 . These leaked images show us the appearance of the future Audi Q6. It will be a SUV generous, with camper aspect, but with a focus on road. But more important than all that, the fact that Audi are willing to sell it with an electric motor, plenty of power, a battery with great autonomy and a clear objective, to stand up to Tesla .

The Audi Q6 will in 2018 be electric batteries will have great autonomy and try to compete directly with products from Tesla Motors.

Remember that Tesla will launch soon its new Tesla Model X, the SUV with “falcon wings”. If Audi wants to rival a Tesla electric product with either the Model X, or his famous Model S, you need power, and lots of good battery autonomy. According account could reach 500 hp and 500 km of autonomy. Very respectable figures.

Although the Audi Q6 are looking for a comprehensive approach, it is clear that one of its main objectives is in the US market . This model is half way between a family and a large SUV as the Audi Q7, with whom he shared platform. In these first images can be seen on the other side, which enjoy very campers details, like the surface of black plastic covering low and the wheel arches.


The Audi Q6 is already real: the BMW X6 Audi will have an electric version to compete with the Tesla Model X

Audi has yet to confirm who will be called Q6, but all indications are that it will. What one has officially confirmed that this product is offered with pure electric motor , no hybrids, or plug-in hybrids. And that will arrive in showrooms in 2018 .

Before such an event occurs, there will still be time to look at dealers (next year) Audi Q1, the youngest of the SUV Audi. Finally, in 2019 we will see a great SUV , an Audi Q8, being larger and more luxurious than the Q7, it is to establish as the flagship of the SUV Audi .

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The Audi Q6 is already real: the BMW X6 Audi will have an electric version to compete with the Tesla Model X

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