Filters FAP in 4 keys: understanding the enemy number 1

Any vehicles modern diesel installed countless systems anti-pollution, but if there is one of them that brings to the population of head are the filters antiparticles or FAP. This system has become the enemy number 1, and it is that there are many users who complain about the numerous breakdowns and headaches that causes, opting to skip the law and remove them from your engines. Now the State Prosecutor’s office has given a touch of attention to the ITV to focus on the filters FAP and that is why we are going to analyze what lies behind filters FAP to understand them, know why they are there and what can happen if I pluck up courage to remove the filter FAP.


how Whats is FAP and what is it for?

The FAP, or filter antiparticles, is a filter installed in the exhaust system and always after the turbocharger serves to incinerate the particulates generated by the diesel engines, especially when working in the cold. the FAP was born as a need to decrease the particles generated by the combustion of diesel fuel in diesel engines. The particles emitted from the exhaust pipe of a diesel engine are classified as carcinogenic by the WHO, and hence it can be concluded that the diesel has become the number one enemy in the large cities, especially those with large pollution problems.


why everybody has problems with the FAP?

The filter antiparticles acts as an obstruction in the exhaust pipe, in this way, through different cycles of regeneration, an increase in forced of the temperature of the exhaust gases allows you to incinerate all of the particles trapped in the FAP. What the problem? the regenerations are a process that needs ideal conditions for its proper functioning: high temperature in the exhaust gases (to be achieved by injecting more diesel), engine system sustained and a longer time period than a few simple minutes.

therefore, 99% of our trips with our car diesel that does not comply with these conditions, favoring the malfunction of the system and causing a breakdown that in the majority of cases are dealt with by the forced activation of a regeneration, by means of visiting the workshop, or replacement of the filter FAP (more than € 400) on any workshop by the repeated accumulation of particles without incinerate the fruit of regeneration failed.


how can I remove the FAP? Is it legal? Can I tag?

Spain, the birthplace of great remedies for big problems, it has become one of the paradises where the workshops are inundated with drivers who want to always forget the problems of clogging of the FAP. So, in many workshops, flushed the filter anti-particles and using a modification of the software of the ECU alters the system’s anti-pollution to neutralize the system FAP.

After this alteration of the system’s anti-pollution, the driver leaves the shop happy, with a vehicles modern diesel with no more problems of FAP, but without thinking that now all the particles that before were trapped will go to the outer, and consequently also to the lungs of everyone around him. The removal of filter FAP is a modification illegal, have in fact been established penalties for all those who are devoted to the neutralization of the filters FAP.

But run the risk that you get caught, you can be worth it, and is that to date there are no systems of measurement in the ITV discuss the correct operation of the FAP. The only way to catch these workshops of dubious ethics is while raids, and of course, they are too vehicles with diesel engines that are in circulation as to detect who takes neutralized the FAP.


what If you already took off the FAP is time to put it back?

If you’re one of those owners of a vehicle with a diesel engine that in its day, opted for the easy way out and neutralize the filter FAP, you understand, but we do not share your reasoning. The filter FAP is necessary for your health and the health of all those around you. At the time of purchasing a vehicle with a diesel engine you should probably have reported that the fuel economy of the vehicles modern diesel adds certain disadvantages such as the complexity of their systems, anti-pollution.

how And why should I go looking to install a new FAP? The state Prosecutor’s office has given a touch of attention to the ITV, and that is that you are multiplying the raids and investigations related to measures anti-pollution. ITV intend to get very serious in the short term, reviewing software and other systems to detect any minimal anomaly. Who warns is not a traitor.

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