Filters on the Volvo S90 and this time is no toy

Volvo S90 filtraciónSaving a teaser published by Volvo, of all the times that we have seen the appearance of the Volvo S90 has been like a scale model. Although the models allow us to make us to the idea of the design and of the ways of the new sedan segment E of the swedes, we have not been able to fully appreciate all the details until has leaked the first official image of the substitute for the Volvo S80 that today we bring.

The model will be presented at the next Detroit motor show, although today will be when we know the first official images and information. As is usual in this industry, the Volvo S90 has been leaked before time. The design language is the same that debuted in the Volvo XC90, even though it is possible to appreciate some of the differences in a front optical group more stylized.

Volvo S90 teaserA significant difference with respect to the current Volvo S80 is found in his look to the side, in the rear. The Volvo S90 used a third volume apparently shorter (although the model point to be longer than the S80) thanks to a roof that falls slowly backwards. The moon of custody rear in the C-pillar is also a new element in the design, before integrated in the door itself.

To know all the details still have to wait a few hours. Volvo will make a world premiere of the Volvo S90 in Gothenburg this afternoon.

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