Filters, supposedly, a brochure for the next Toyota Supra

Folleto Toyota Supra

For many of the lovers of the engine and the speed the Toyota Supra is an icon. As for some football fans the best may have been Maradona or Pele, in the world of the automobile the Above object of worship by mark a before and an after in the paragraph of supercars japanese. Honda reborn the NSX, another model iconic and much admired, and it seems to be that Toyota will do the same soon with the Above.

Much has been made of this recently, and it is probably Toyota and BMW use a partnership agreement to jointly develop both the Toyota Supra as the successor of the BMW Z4, although no confirmations official. We recall that the Z4 has ceased recently production. What does seem clear is that the Toyota Supra will be about, and this “alleged” filtration of a brochure, which we know is false, tries to prove the point.

Toyota Supra 2018 render

Despite the fact that the quality of the image is very bad, the average Russian that has filtering ensures that the dimensions of the future model that appear in this brochure are 4,38 metres long, 1.83 metres wide and 1,28 meters high, while the distance between axes will be only 2,47 m. That will vary depending on each version, found between 1,350 and 1.430 kg; like the tires that will be 18 or 19 inches.

with Respect to the alleged benefits, we would be talking about a version 2-liter 192 HP, another identical front and 252 HP and a third motor 3 liters that deliver 340 HP and 450 Nm of torque. In BMW there are versions that match with the two higher powers as, for example, Series 2 230i and M240i, so this provides a little extra reliability. All the rumors indicate that, during 2017 will be unveiled eventually this japanese model as expected.

But not. By our is we known that the publication is false. It is more, simply is a joke published by a half-japanese according to (invisibly for the poor quality of the image) the word “nanchatte”; joke in japanese. We will have to wait to get the actual data for the Toyota Supra, a model which, on the other hand, we are looking forward to seeing.

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