Filtration: Ford will continue to market the Mustang Shelby GT350 in 2017

there Will be Mustang Shelby GT350 2018 2017.

An internal document of Ford revealed that the brand has intended further marketing of the current Mustang GT350 during the next year with virtually no changes. This means that despite the fact that in a few weeks we will know the new and up-to-date range Mustang 2018, the variant GT350 will continue to enjoy the aesthetics and specifications of the Mustang 2017.

This document was leaking thanks to a forum member Mustang6G, where it clearly reads the description of the mark on the changes to the model, limited only to the palette of colors. So the new Shelby GT350 2018 will remain the same, even if you have new or different colors to choose from.

These new colors have not been announced at the moment, according to the same document will be revealed later. Although previous reports suggest that it might be the new color palette, the reports older suggest that is expected by the gray Lead Foot Gray, orange Orange Fury and blue Kona Blue.

The GT350 will continue to be the variant most explosive.

The document filtering if it is a communication to the distributors that they might be interested in having the GT350 2018 in its catalog of vehicles, advising them thus, the changes that they will have in the range. What is not mentioned is what will be the future of the model, beyond the Model Year 2018.

In the last few weeks we have witnessed what could be the evidence of the arrival of the rumored version GT500, a version that has never shared a dealer with the GT350.

According to the latest reports, the future GT500 would be available in both a coupe and a convertible, although it is unlikely that we will see him introduced in 2017, taking into account that during the next season, the GT350 -aimed primarily at the circuit-will continue to be the spearhead of the range Mustang.

Recreation of the future Shelby GT500 convertible.

To be concrete, the GT500 would be presented at the end of 2017 as soon, more likely, in a ballroom of the united states in 2018, and their production does not would get started until the middle of the year. Currently, we have seen several mules of evidence that indicate the development of a more powerful version of the Mustang, some reports indicate that it would be powered by a new supercharged V8 with a power 750 and the 810 horses.