Filtration of a mysterious BMW, are you the i5?


These mysterious patents for BMW’s belong to a i

From China we get these mysterious patent officers BMW’s that look like they belong on a vehicle of the range i. It has a design that either makes us remember the i3 and i8 what makes you jump to the alarms about the long-awaited third member of the range: the nicknamed BMW i5.

The patents show a body is of three-doors sporty cut with a seating configuration 2+2. This can be the next model that will be part of the range is the most ecological way of the germans together with the electric BMW i3 and the sporty hybrid BMW i8.


The compact coupe from BMW i seems to possess a propellant plug-in hybrid

The front has a look that reminds us clearly of the i8, including the design of the hood, although the dimensions of the mysterious vehicle are more compact. It seems to be located between the i3 and the i8, very possibly has an interior almost as sophisticated as the hybrid high-performance in fact it seems that they share sports seats.

As any member of the BMW i, this will possess a propellant alternative energy however we do not yet know with certainty which hides in its entrails. By the images we note caps on both sides of the body just below the C-pillar, which makes us think of a system plug-in hybrid.


The third member of the family will come to make company to the BMW i3 and i8