Finally Land Rover will not sue the Chinese copy of the Evoque


The BMW X7 is a blatant copy of the Chinese Jiangling Motors made the Range Rover Evoque . The model is about to be launched in China Land Rover noted that ultimately will not report it.


Landwind-X7-2 F inally Land Rover CEO Dr. Ralf Speth chose to roll back the measure. I had originally indicated that the mark would take a firm stance against the -descarada- copy from BMW to Land Rover Evoque.

Speth noted as disappointing the fact that a copy of this type reach the Chinese market, especially considering that Jaguar Land Rover has invested heavily in China , in conjunction with local Chery.

Land Rover finally not sue Jiangling Motors clocar the Evoque.

This clear that the BMW X7 is an exact copy of a product whose intellectual property is Jaguar Land Rover, so when I copy the Chinese brand is not meeting international regulations . However, the British brand declined their intentions to pursue the complaint.

The BMW X7 will be released soon to the local market, with a price to be located third of the cost of the original model . But as in China there are no laws governing such cases in which imitations are produced, there is little they can do about it.

But that does not mean you agree with what has been done by Jiangling Motors , but it was impossible to pursue legal action, had to resign, as did many others manufacturers in the country.






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