Finally, you can have a BMW i8 red: because we all know that a sport is more sporty if it is red

With reason Geneva BMW has revealed the BMW 7 Series more prestacional, the BMW M760Li xDrive. But there is more. BMW has also taken this salon to present a special edition of the BMW i8, a special edition, after the name of BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition hides the perfect excuse to take to the streets a BMW i8 red, it is said of step, have lacked in.

BMW promises that there will be more special versions of the BMW i8:

The system plug-in hybrid the BMW i8 is kept intact, offering 37 km in all-electric mode.

Until now, BMW did not offer a wide range of colors especially sporty for the BMW i8. Shades of gray, black, and white as a bolder option a blue model. In the words of the brand itself this palette of colors was given by the vocation technological and futuristic from this model.

Inevitable not to think in the sports picture of the BMW i8 seasoned by a range of colors more bold and clear, there is where comes into play this special edition that beyond offering us a body finished in red leaves us with a warning: this is the first version of a series of special editions that is sure to bring us more colors for the BMW i8.

beyond this red bodywork to the BMW i8 Protonic Network, the name that comes given by the denomination of the painting, we find some red stitching in your interior, a new finish for their seats, accents of carbon fibre and ceramic in its interior and 20-inch wheels. Yes, as you may have guessed, the main attraction is its red paint.

Mechanically, the BMW i8 remains intact and continues to offer us such a hybrid of 362 horses that, in addition to giving this car an all-wheel drive system, allows us to circulate in all-electric mode during 37 km.