Fines incredible: he fined for not using safety belt … on a motorcycle

It happened a few days ago in the town of San Bartolome, Murcia. A motorist drove his Yamaha motorcycle when a local police patrol stopped him after having allegedly jumped a red light. But the real surprise came when he found the following fines: € 200 penalty “not to use the passenger vehicle , over 12 years old and taller than 135 centimeters, belt Security or restraint system approved and properly fastened. “

As a reward, a curious story to tell friends, a fine will not prosper and be rid of the penalty initially wanted to put the agent to skip a traffic light.

According to the story published by the newspaper La Verdad, an alleged infringer would have been suppressed only by skipping a traffic light. In this situation, there would be discussed with the agent, and that it would have been when, in a mistake with the apparatus used to issue sanctions, it would be wrong and would have issued a sanction that obviously does not correspond to the technical specifications of Yamaha YF250R .

FINE a biker not wearing the safety belt (200 €) ❗❗
Appealed but will cost 200 € ❕

– Official SocialDrive (SocialDrive_es) October 6, 2015

The error has not only left the protagonist of this situation, even comic, with a curious story to tell friends, but also with the good taste of have escaped the true wanted to impose the fine Local police agent . A penalty which does not meet the technical requirements of a motorcycle like yours will not prosper, and in addition to this penalty will not prosper, get rid of the fine for allegedly a red light have missed.

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