Finland has a brilliant plan to end the abuse of reindeer

There will need to remember how dangerous it can be to find a reindeer crossing the road you are driving. The danger is even greater in the winter of Lapland, icy roads, braking distances lengthen, low light by the almost perpetual night, a few hours of light and heavy snowfall. Reindeer 4,000 die each year in collisions on Finnish roads (Helsingin Sanomat), which represents more than just a problem for the local wildlife billion in economic losses, and a great danger to the safety of drivers. What measures can be taken to mitigate this risk? Finland is a possible solution .

4,000 die each year in the Finnish reindeer roads violations, most of them in the months of November and December.

The association of reindeer in Finland, the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association, has devised a system as simple as effective, if not to prevent abuses, yes to mitigate increasing the visibility of these large mammals, which can weigh hundred kg, as published Smithsonian Magazine. The association has started a pilot in which shall sprinkle the horns of animals with a reflective paint which glow with the light of car headlights test. The decision was taken antler spray considering that this is the most visible part of the animal.

Most of the abuses usually occur in the months of November and December , when the combination of ice and snow on the roads, and darkness, is fatal to deer and drivers. July and August months would also be complicated, in which animals are constantly moving through the trouble caused by mosquitoes.

In Canada other solutions have been proposed, including using a primer on asphalt to increase the contrast with animals ( CBC ). In Sweden would have studied even bloodier solutions, how to avoid road clearance after the abuses to which the animal’s blood on snow anime drivers to lift your right foot off the accelerator and be more cautious in wheel.

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