First advance of the new TVR: so shall your chassis 'iStream' fiber carbon


side Profile of the new TVR: you could retrieve the name Griffith, a classic british brand

TVR continues to give firm steps for his return to life. This will take place in the 2017, with a new model that we now know more facts and details through these ‘teasers’ of advancement. And in this picture you can see how will your chassis and structure: TVR will use a platform of carbon fiber, very light at the same time that rigid.

new TVR will have a total weight which will be about 1.150 kg, a value considerably reduced if we take into account what type of vehicle we are talking about. For its production, the british will opt for this system ‘iStream Carbon’, which was patented by Gordon Murray, which allows the manufacture of carbon fiber with lower costs than usual: yes, we are talking about the same engineer that designed the McLaren F1 a little more than two decades.


cross-sectional of the TVR 2017: see your chassis tubular ‘iStream Carbon’ and its V8 Cosworth

Murray also has licensed its process manufacturing ‘iStream’ to other manufacturers, and will be used in the next urban electric Yamaha. But back to the new sports TVR, in this picture you can also see his engine V8 Cosworth: it will be atmospheric, and shall deliver more than 400 HP. With a limited-slip differential rear, these early data suggest that TVR is working accurately on the basis of its new model, with this tubular chassis of lightweight carbon and very fine-tuned.

For the moment, have already been formalized 400 bookings of the model: will begin production in 2017, in the new factory of TVR in Wales, near Newport. The first 500 units will correspond to the ‘Launch Edition’, a special edition release. This new sport could rescue the name of TVR Griffith: we’ll know it in specifications of production towards the end of this year, and its price will be about 100,000 euros.