First advancement of the Avatar Roadster, a lightweight sports engine of the Focus RS


First teaser of the Avatar Roadster, a sporty engine from the Focus RS

Avatar Sports Cars, stay with that name since it is a new manufacturer English racing vehicles they will enter the game sporting the nerve at a low weight. The first thing that we know about them is this teaser that points out to us that during the next few days will see your first work.

Avatar Roadster: A roadster 350 HP and 700 kg of weight?

Avatar Roadster will be the first model that is presented in society. It has a simple name, but behind it hides a rival for the Ariel Atom and the like. Body two-seater, mid-engine rear, no ceiling, low weight and ample power to create a machine especially focused for the fun on the track. Its chassis has been built by Marlin Sports Cars, being replaced some panels of a material even lighter to reduce the weight.

This sport will have a version of access that mounted a block 2.0 Ecoboost Ford will deliver 252 HP exclusively to the rear axle through a manual switching five speeds. More than enough power for a car that promises to weigh only 700 kg on the scale. This version of access you already possess a performance of scandal to be able to finish the sprint up to 60 miles per hour (96.5 km/h) in 3.9 seconds.

For the more daring there is a next level that mounts the gasoline engine 2.3 Ecoboost, the same that we find in the Ford Focus RS and the new Ford Mustang, which also develops 350 HP in the Roadster on a combination of a automatic of six relations.

The benefits of this version top of range have not been disclosed but seeing the difference in power and the figures of acceleration from the previous version, it sure puts in more of a bind to some supercar reputation. We know only that be added to its endowment brake calipers six-piston with pills, sports adjustable dampers and the option of choosing between riding tyres slicks or semi slicks.

Avatar claims that it has already received. four reservations the Roadster, which will be delivered in may 2016.