First advancement of the BMW i8 Roadster 2018 before its implementation over

BMW i8 Roadster - teaser

First advance official BMW i8 Roadster 2018.

Named up to date like BMW i8 Spyder, the German brand has spoken openly of what was a secret to voices. And is the third member of the family BMW i. Very soon we will welcome the new model will form part of this range of electric vehicles. The new BMW i8 Roadster. In addition, BMW has released a first teaser video with the official that invites us to be attentive to a model that “is ready to open its wings”.

in Addition of being the denomination that you will receive the variant convertible in the BMW i8, the manufacturer shows us the first details of their design using a bare-bones teaser video. Yes, the drive that we see in images is still camouflaged, as photographed by our photographers spy over these past few months. Its development should already be in a final phase.

Although without specifying a date of arrival to the dealers, BMW ensures that the new BMW i8 Roadster will be available in 2018. It is not yet official but there are certain reports that point to a possible debut in the Frankfurt motor show 2017 that will be held next month of September. Without a doubt, it would be an ideal setting for their debut in society.

BMW i8 Roadster - teaser

The new BMW i8 Roadster will have a few doors with opening system vertical.

A detail that finally confirmed thanks to this advance is that the BMW i8 Roadster will have a few doors with opening system vertical type. Let us remember that we had been talking about the possibility that the designers of the German firm to opt for a conventional system because it is a convertible model. Finally it will not be so.

Your design will be related to his brother fixed roof coupe. And so that you can appreciate, will have a aerodynamic very elaborate to optimize as much as possible its electrical autonomy. One of the main virtues that it offers its mechanical hybrid plug-in.

And speaking of mechanics, the new BMW i8 Roadster will be powered by an improved version of the system plug-in hybrid that uses the BMW i8 today. In addition, thanks to a new package of lithium-ion batteries of greater capacity, will be able to offer a autonomy mode 100% electric up to 40 miles. The system will give a combined power of about 360 HP.