First complete test of the batteries, McLaren Formula E


McLaren Applied Technologies has completed the first race simulation complete with batteries for the season 2018-19 Formula E. This test, which took place at the beginning of the month of may, was a success and represents the first step towards the new generation of cars of Formula E, which will compete from the ‘Season Five’, or what is the same, starting from December 2018. These batteries double the capacity of the model that Williams currently supplies, reached the 54 kWh. With this stored energy can complete the distance of an ePrix with only one car.

despite this first simulation, at McLaren Applied Technologies know that the timelines for the development of their batteries are very tight. After overcoming the tests of individual cells and unique modules of cell, the british manufacturer must face a challenging and hard program test to to arrive in time. However, it is not easy for some batteries, 54 kWh to maintain its load-bearing capacity. All in all, the progression in this aspect is very positive and now from McLaren’s focus on getting a perfect cooling to the enormous load heat and reduce your weight.

With these three aspects as the main fields of battle, the batteries of McLaren Applied Technologies will allow the cars of the season 2018-19 of the Formula E win in performance. The power of the cars will increase from 170 to 200 kW in the race and of the 200 to 250 kW in classification. An increase that is born of the greater energy density of the new batteries of McLaren and also the growth of their cells. However, the batteries of McLaren have 209 cells, 44 more than the first generation of batteries used in the contest.