First images of the new Dodge Challenger ADR, the Hellcat more radical


The tires stick out clearly from the body.

These are the first images of the new variant widened body of the Challenger Hellcat that Dodge intends to launch in 2017. Just a few weeks that we knew about the possibility of the arrival of this special version widened, who was born with the name Challenger ADR and will be preceded by the variant of four-wheel-drive Challenger GT AWD, which will be presented this year.

The prototypes that have been hunted in the united States do not have the final design of the bodywork, but show some more obvious rubber oversized, which stand out widely from the body and allow us to get an idea of what will be the enlargement that you will enjoy this new version of the Hellcat.

The name Challenger ADR comes from the acronym American Drag Racer and will be characterized by such wide tires, which if we heed to the latest rumors should be about 315 section, but to the naked eye seem larger in the pictures of the prototypes hunted.


Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept, 2015 presented at SEMA 1015.

we Can get an idea of what we can expect from this new version with a look at Challenger GT AWD concept that is presented by the brand at the SEMA 2015. Interestingly, the name of that prototype is the one that uses the new version of all-wheel-drive Challenger, equipped with a mechanical V6 engine, traction drive system, which will not be available for either the Hellcat or the widened Challenger ADR, continuing with the mechanical platform of the motor V8-5.7-liter supercharged and rear wheel drive.

In terms of its mechanics, is expected to equip the engine V8 of 5.7 liters and 717 CV (707 hp) unchanged, although there is the possibility that this version comes with a slight upgrade in power.

as it is believed, the new Challenger GT AWD will arrive before the end of the year, while the Challenger ADR would not be unveiled until 2017, as a model for 2018. These new versions try to extend the life of the current Challenger, as substitutes of the Charger and Challenger have been delayed until 2018, already counting with the new platform Giorgio rear-wheel drive developed for the new range of Alfa Romeo.