First key dates of the Endurance World 2017


The season 2017 of the World Endurance (WEC) already have their first dates marked in red on the calendar. The first, the 2 of February and the second on the 31 of march. Two days that, in principle, do not mean anything in particular, but that will serve to underpin the bases of the competition and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a test that acts as the epicenter of the championship. However, on February 2, will be presented to the entry list of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, while if there is no change, it is expected that on march 31, containing the LMP1 Porsche and Toyota.

In regards to the 24 Hours of Le mans, the next 2 of February at 16:00 hours we will reveal a list of registered official of the test. In principle, 60 are the vehicles that will take part of the charismatic event in the Sarthe after being bacante the Box 56. Although there are quite a number of places that are assigned to the participants, which is played by the season 2017 WEC to the full and to the winners of the various championships that are associated with the ACO, this list will serve to reveal the last seats still unassigned. In addition, will also give the list of the 10 vehicles booking.

For his part, will have to wait until march 31 to meet the LMP1 Porsche and Toyota in an official manner. Although by then both prototypes will be left to see in any test, as that will Porsche at the end of this month in Valencia with the new prototype, it will not be until the day prior to the start of the test group in Monza when both brands to unlock the colored officers of its new LMP1. It should be remembered that this test was delayed a week to coincide with the visit of his Holiness Pope Francis to the region.