First kilometers for the tires 2017

Pirelli has started today the development of the tyres, 2017, in its final version, at least in regards to the dimensions. In the test of Silverstone held the past month of July, Pirelli tested the structure and the compound of 2017 in a tyre with dimensions of 2016 and, to this end, he used a Mercedes of 2014, driven by Pascal Wehrlein.

Now, with Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel at the Fiorano circuit, Pirelli begins tire development that serves of base for the season 2017. Although the aim of the test is to test the rain tires, Sebastian Vettel has taken a few first laps with the dry, to subsequently start the planned work with the intermediate tyres and extreme wet under a wet track artificially.

After 120 laps in total for Vettel, Tuesday will be Esteban Gutierrez, pilot test of Ferrari and owner of Haas, who take care of continue with the work with the SF15-T 2015 modified to generate more downforce, before that Pirelli will move to Mugello to begin the development of the dry tyres together with Red Bull and Sebastien Buemi for two days.

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