First leaked images of the new Bristol Bullet V8


Teaser of the Bristol Bullet.

Few days after it revealed the final name of the new sports signature Bristol, the first since in 2011 to cease the production in the factory british, have already been filtered by the first images of the new model. The images of the new Bristol Bullet have been published by the british magazine Autocar, in principle being presented as a sighting of a casual a few days before the official presentation of the new roadster british.

however, given that the british publication has not revealed the provenance of the images we understand that this has been a filtering controlled made in accordance with the own brand. Since such images, very clear and defined, just look like a stolen photo or one taken by chance that until now we knew as the Pinnacle Project.

The Bristol Bullet will be officially presented at the end of this same month of July, specifically the next day 26. Official date fixed by the own brand for all media and public in general, however, the series of images published makes scant minutes for the publication Coach we reveal the new sports English the full and final version of production, without a trace of camouflage.


Unveiled at the FoS at Goodwood 2016.

The final specifications of the new Bristol remain a mystery, however, it is well known that it will equip a V8 engine of 4.8 liters of source BMWBMW. This engine’s maximum power is the same that we could find in the Wiessmann MF4, among other models, so that Bristol will return to the mechanics of the signing of Munich, just as it did in its early years, back in the forties, when it employed the mechanics of 6-cylinder BMW 328.

The performance figures, as well as their benefits, will not be disclosed until the official presentation the next day 26, what we do know is that the chassis of the new Bullet will be done in carbon fiber, so this is the first model of the brand in the use of these materials.

In terms of its design, your body corresponds closely to the ways that many suspected after the camouflage what were the prototypes seen previously, as the brand presented this summer on the country estate of Lord March, Festival of Speed at Goodwood, where he took part in the famous HillClimb.


The Bristol Bullet in the HillClimb of the FoS Goodwood 2016.

The inspiration of your body is clear, based on the shapes of some of the historical models of the firm, to which it adds some modern details, like the own alloy wheels or the lines of some elements, such as mirrors or optical groups. In the rear area we called powerfully the attention to the inclusion of two small aletines on the sides, which culminate in the groups optical, circular behind.

are also Not known details such as its price or its possible date
marketing, but deck the first quarter of next year,
2017, as the date closest to your input in production. The next
Tuesday 26th we will be attentive to all information that we can offer
the brand of this new sports retro.