First look at the future BMW X8


BMW X8, our recreation (expand)

Behind every odd number, always comes the other pair, and in the particular case of BMW, there is always the doubt of what will happen when you launch a model which is supposed to be the top of the range.

With the future BMW X7 is still in a testing phase very early, we already know that the German manufacturer will not stand in this model, but you already have the pillars to posts to expand the range with the number pair following, which is converted to the X8 and is expected by the end of 2019 or early 2020 because, to this day, its design has not been approved yet and is the only thing that is missing to get the green light.

you Can think that over the X7 there is not more space for one more model or that will be a model of proportions immense, but what you tell me of the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan or the Audi Q8, without stop thinking about the future SUV Lamborghini that already knows that it is going to produce. There is space and the X8 will be the alternative of Munich.


The dashboard design will take elements of the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept.

Interior 2+2, only versions of gasoline, hybrid and the hand of BMW M

Although some suggest that the design of the X8 will follow the same recipe that BMW applies to the X4 and X6, for the flagship of the X we can tell you that is not the case. We know that BMW is not going to make a X6 more big although you will maintain the style and dynamic sporty, typical of BMW X.

On the xperia X8, one of the priority issues is that the passengers of the rear seats feel like a 7-Series, with enough space to the ceiling so that the design provides for a style like that of the X2 with a roof line that falls gradually towards the rear. It is the only point missing for that assign production code and start your development.

as your design will be different than the X4 and X6, technically it will also be the only model of BMW that do not share the modular platform CLAR full with the rest of the model X. Given its dimensions, and enters into a segment of luxury truly exquisite, the light materials are a condition so that its chassis combined with the aluminium structure of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and some sections of the platform CLAR to increase the stiffness while keeping a low weight.

interior Atmosphere of exquisite luxury

do Not need to say much about its interior. The best materials and the most sophisticated technology to provide their customers with a new way of traveling, with an interior of 2+2-seater with rear seats, individual and for that will not be available, or option, a bench of three squares, as many customers ended up asking for the X6.


Detail rear seats individual of the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept.

For those interested, who dream of this car, you should also know that the range of mechanics will be very limited in options to choose from. Despite the fact that BMW has not yet given the green light to this model, it has been thought in all of your marketing strategy; it is expected that you offer only with two mechanical gasoline very powerful: xDrive40i and xDrive50i and two versions of hybrid, plug-in Power eDrive, the xDrive50e iPerformance and xDrive60e iPerformance.

The first will be the same 550 iPerformance that this year will be released soon in the new 5-Series and the second, still in development, could exceed the 600 BHP of maximum power joint, barajándose an electric motor and a six-cylinder in-line TwinPower Turbo, or a block of eight-cylinder TwinPower Turbo.

But if you stand out as for luxury, it will also do for power and BMW M will be responsible for putting the icing on the cake: will be the first X to be offered with a block of twelve cylinders in V and 6.0-liter in the version M60i.