First official pictures of the new MINI Clubman


The second generation of the MINI Clubman gained size and improved livability. Now 2 doors to the rear , while maintaining the tailgate with the characteristic double doors . [1.99901 million]


Mini-Clubman-2 S u debut was scheduled for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, but somehow achieved the first official pictures leaked through the Internet . This is the second generation of the MINI Clubman, which makes a little more out ahead through a prototype year for which the brand called MINI Clubman Concept. [1.99901 million]

The second generation Clubman MINI will be the biggest of the current range.

As seen in the photographs, the new production Clubman comes with just subtle aesthetic variations respect to the prototype shown last year.

Clear that since of images published clandestinely, we have no official information that accompany them, although it is expected that this product is transformed into the biggest MINI in the current range .

Its configuration is typical model, equipped with two-door tailgate side opening, but this new generation the Clubman won an additional door to the rear, making six gates configuration . If you keep the proportions concept car will an overall length of 4.22 meters , ie 22 longer than the new MINI Cooper 5-door centimeters and 12 centimeters longer than the Countryman.

The MINI Clubman second generation is developed on the same platform as the Cooper and both models are expected to share much of their mechanical configuration. [1.99901 million]

As is seen in the photographs will also be a Clubman S , which in theory should mount the same 4-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters , although it is unclear whether this only model will be offered with front- or if instead adopt a configuration of four-wheel drive, as with the Countryman.






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