First photographs of the pick-up of Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Pick-up - foto espía

The front, characteristic of Mercedes-Benz.

First. We show you which are the first photographs of the pick-up of Mercedes. Thanks to our photographers, we have been able to hunt down a prototype of which will be the first pick-up of the history of Mercedes-Benz. A pick-up which, as we recall, will be based on Nissan Navara. And although the model evidence is decked out with a dense camouflage, we already can go anticipating some of the most characteristic features of the pick-up German.

Just take a first look at the exterior of the pick-up of Mercedes-Benz here’s to be aware of the differences that it receives with respect to the japanese model. In the first place and focusing on the front, adopts some headlights similar to the latest releases of the brand as well as the characteristic grill – the mark of the star. On the other hand, the wheel arches also give us the feeling that’s been widened.

Of time, we can’t say much about the interior, though we will give a return of nut to the interior of the Navara. That is to say, it will be more luxurious and will transmit greater feelings of quality. In any case, we will be in an interior completely different to that of the pick-up of Nissan. Something that, on the other hand, it was expected.

Mercedes-Benz Pick-up - foto espía

A look back to the pick-up of Mercedes-Benz. What is call Class GLT?

Going to the (mechanical, everything points to the engine range of the new pick-up of Mercedes is formed by different options diesel of four and six-cylinder. An engine that renders a power range between 180 and 255 HP. Will there be site for a variation under the roller of Mercedes AMG? Well, the truth is that it would be too risky to expect a model as such with the essence of Mercedes AMG, yes, we can leave the door open to various packages of style and even some mechanical adjustments without reaching over.

How does the will call pick-up of Mercedes-Benz?

at the moment there is nothing official, but based on recent reports, we can anticipate that Mercedes-Benz would be debating the use of the denomination Class GLT that will be the first pick-up of your story. Yes, before the launch of the bells to the flight and say yes it seems to be a error or a success the designation GLT, better to wait for Mercedes to speak on this aspect. In any case, it is rather curious that now juggle that name when from the beginning had come speaking of Class X or even Class Z.

Taking into account that it is expected that the pick-up of Mercedes is ready to reach dealers sometime in the next, we can say that over the next few months we will talk, and much of its development. Stay tuned to the since sure we will post more spy photos of this highly anticipated model in the next few weeks.