First sketch of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017


Although they have begun to arise some doubts about the new World Rally Car and the technical regulations which will debut in the World of Rallying in 2017, the only reality is that the championship heads towards its biggest change in recent years. Cars wider, more powerful and faster are drawn on the horizon thanks to the changes approved by the FIA and among them, we already have the first sample of what we will find next year. Volkswagen Motorsport has unveiled the first sketch of the Polo R WRC 2017, its future commitment to continue to dominate the category.

According to the few data provided by the German manufacturer, the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 will be around 380 HP -that will be some more to the moment of truth-, which represents an increase of about 60 horsepower over the current model, delivering 318 HP. This power increase without a doubt serves three reasons: the increase of the flange of the intake of the engine to 36 mm, the minimum weight reduced by 25 kg and is now set at 1.175 kg and the body flared out with a slick more elaborate.

The margin of the back of the center differential, electronic, the changes are more noticeable for the general public go precisely because of these elements of the aerodynamic larger and more robust. Grows the front spoiler, wheel arches, rear diffuser, and above all, the spoiler that crowns this Polo R WRC 2017. And it is precisely this combination of aerodynamic augmented and power-controlled center differential, electronic has put in doubt this new generation of World Rally Car. It is clear that it will be more fast and powerful, but it is not clear that in the end are more spectacular to the public, the main aim of this change.