First sketches of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio that we will see in Geneva

Mercedes Clase C Cabriorumors about an alternative convertible in the range of the Mercedes C-Class began several months ago. In the summer, shortly after learning of the C-Class Coupe, came the first re-enactments of the version of which I speak. Now the date of disclosure of the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio begins to approach, ending the countdown apparently in the next Geneva. To open mouth, the company has issued a sketch in this alternative, with which they have managed to leave us with honey on the lips.

Will be the premiere of a variant of these characteristics in the range of the C-Class, and that is that had never gone before, the saloon with the sky as a roof. As we said, is expected to be present in the sample, switzerland, being the most important new feature of the stand that the mark of the star will be in the sample. By the time we have to make do with a sketch that has been published, being able to view the article in full right shortly before the opening of this event held in Switzerland.

Mercedes Clase C Coupé

Mercedes Class C Coupe

although not expect great changes on an aesthetic level. The Mercedes C-Class Cabrio will be based on the Coupe version of this series, which means that teach you the front by a very aggressive and attractive and a behind well finished off. We will respect the design of this alternative we’re talking about, so that with the canopy put keep an accurate shape to the Coupe. This hood will be of canvas, and the interior of the model is similar to the C-Class with only two seats in the back.

Focusing on the sketch, this drawing shows much more appealing to the eye the final line that we will see in the Mercedes C-Class Cabrio. Great tires adorning the wheels, lines, very well marked and awarded a personality that is really aggressive to the model and rear headlights similar to those of the Coupé but with a few of the ways even more subtle. The rest itself is quite faithful to the family, with an interior with seats or accessories very similar to those found in the passenger compartment of versions of the range C.

it Is expected that the range mechanics is also shared with the C-Class Coupe, arriving the versions AMG months after the presentation of the model.

Source – Mercedes

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