First talks of Red Bull with Honda to use their engines in 2019


The advisory team Red Bull, Helmut Marko and, had a meeting with the head of Honda F1, Masashi Yamamoto, this weekend in the GP of Azerbaijan, according to Autosport. Being the first official meeting between the two entities, the paddock has maintained a certain expectation about the talk. The set of the brand of drinks used in the present thrusters Renault, with which the austrians do not feel comfortable. The change could occur in the coming year, with what the French would lose a customer and Honda would be riveted on the family Red Bull.

The engine nippon is installed in this 2018 only in the Toro Rosso, the little brother of the set of energy drinks. The team of austrian is deadline to decide what engine equip for the next course, the may 15. Yes, this date might be somewhat flexible if the International Federation of motor Racing and motorists are in agreement with the swap. Also, Renault has already confirmed that he wants to respect the limit set.

According to the specialized portal for the GP Canada there is scheduled an important step forward on the thrusters of both Renault, in the Honda, so that if we accept a delay in the final decision, it might be a good yardstick to measure to Red Bull, as you say about the power of the two brands. With a relationship by convenience from a few years ago, without too much love since the introduction of the V6 engine turbohíbrido, Red Bull and Renault have not returned to the way successful of the four consecutive titles won next to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

The alternative to Renault for the part of the factory of energy drinks has only managed to fifth place as best result with McLaren-Honda in three years, a situation antónima the absolute triumph and that caused the separation anglojaponesa in 2017. In the little time that they have the japanese with Toro Rosso, Italian Pierre Gasly leading the mash, finished rooms in Bahrain, but in the rest of the quotes from 2018 the performances were not as promising.


The relationship between Renault and Red Bull is very worn from the start of the was hybrid and the austrians are looking for a new partner rider that offers warranties.

From 2014, the austrians have just won nine runs, the last in the GP China in 2018, by Daniel Ricciardo. With the reliability still not entirely curd in the machine gala and with the eternal promise that some day Honda will be competitive, Christian Horner have been postulated at a range complex.